Why Elephant Capital Advisors
ECA was formed by a group of like-minded successful investment professionals who wanted to re-channel their collective investment knowledge and experience gained in the US capital markets in order to introduce investors to newfound growth markets in their homeland region. Each of the partners has pooled their personal and professional resources in Asia to bring an institutionally credible US manager with a substantial knowledge infrastructure in South Asia.
Team Advantages
  • Deep understanding of the culture, languages, and history of the region present in ECA management, Advisory Board members, and Independent Consultants.
  • The entirely foreign born team has the economic, social and cultural perspectives of 5 nationalities, 4 languages/dialects, and business experience from 12 countries.
  • Tangible local resources, contacts, and relationships leveraged.
  • Office is Sri Lanka expected to be hub for Asia operations.
  • All resources and management talent are focused exclusively on the South Asian sub market for a deeper understanding of the region.
Professional Investment Experience
  • A seasoned US-based management and research team with over 15 years of portfolio and economic experience.
  • Proven “western-style” portfolio management, risk management, and compliance capabilities in the application to Frontier Markets Asia.
  • ECA has partnered with a best in suite of US-based and offshore service providers for access to resources in equity and economic research, execution services, and custodial arrangements.
  • Thorough understanding of client policy and investment guidelines, performance reporting, client correspondence. Experience in serving institutional due diligence processes.
Active Capabilities
  • Experience and process for active investment management to respond to geopolitical shocks.
  • Top down active management approach to identify global themes and then invest in those sectors, industries, and securities across the region that will benefit from these top down drivers.
  • Actively manage individual country allocations to benefit from country specific trends and mitigate idiosyncratic risks.
  • Fundamental research and on the ground oversight through company visits.