Message from the CEO
Hello friends,

Thank you for your interest in Elephant Capital Advisors, LLC. I hope that this brief introduction will prompt your interest to reach out and learn more about the investment opportunities in the South Asian BIC region.

With over 20 years in the institutional investment management industry, I have started Elephant Capital Advisors, LLC (ECA) to allow US investors the opportunity to invest in the fastest growing countries in South Asia.  I believe there is a shortage of investment options for both institutional and private investors that may be considering investment opportunities in the growing economies in this region. 

I felt compelled to apply my investment management experience, skill sets, and best practices gained in my roles at two globally recognized investment firms to bring investment and attention to our countries. I strongly believe in my company’s mission to introduce Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), and the 4 other nations to an investor base that may not be aware that there are investment destinations outside of India, China, Thailand, etc…  I believe this observation is also timely as I see a new generation of investors looking outside the traditional developed countries for higher potential investment returns.  As we know the South Asian countries are endowed with growing economies, strong demographics, and large labor and consumer pools.

ECA will be managing a portfolio of well recognized, strong companies from countries that are listed on their respective stock exchanges. The portfolios will be managed out of the US and we have partnered with globally recognized investment partnerships in the region. 

I look forward to sharing our capabilities with you.

Mohammed "Mo" Riad
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer